October 2015

even our shadows disappeared

i remember the fall last year // we were so defiant // we disappeared // nobody knew where we are //   oh there were rumours // people always want to talk about something that takes them outside of their own lives // i guess even in our absence we were bigger then most people are, living to the full throttle // we went west. // or was it south? // southwest // the desert // wide open empty space // because we felt empty // and we needed to refuel // to go some place with the absence of life and the absence of death as well // a place where the vast expands into nothingness // everything was possible, everything was allowed // everything was ours // and people continue to talk // tell their tall tales, theories.. // what actually have been done there? // if you omit // if you refuse these necessary details // if you deny everything // well, their blame doesn’t mean anything, does it? // there was no blood on our hands // there were no bruises // there were no bodies left in the dust // even our shadows disappeared 

 (poetry by lydia lunch)