confusion of Celine at Obchodna street

Confusion of Celine at Obchodna street (EN)

Restlessness of the mind, emotions / need of humility / desire to do too much, hypercorrection, hypercontrole / too much haste / impatience, precipitation / activism / infatuation, pretension / inner fermentation: transformation stage.

Confusion de Céline dans la rue Obchodna (FR)

Agitation de l'esprit, des émotions/ besoin d'humilité/ désir de trop bien faire, hypercorrection, hypercontrôle/ trop de hâte/ impatience, précipitation/ activisme/ infatuation, prétention/ fermentation intérieure: étape de transformation.


dreams: Celine

visual interpretation: Vladimir Slivka

dreams interpretation: Laurent Lachance (Rêves, signes et coïncidences Dictionnaire d'interprétations)

even our shadows disappeared

i remember the fall last year // we were so defiant // we disappeared // nobody knew where we are //   oh there were rumours // people always want to talk about something that takes them outside of their own lives // i guess even in our absence we were bigger then most people are, living to the full throttle // we went west. // or was it south? // southwest // the desert // wide open empty space // because we felt empty // and we needed to refuel // to go some place with the absence of life and the absence of death as well // a place where the vast expands into nothingness // everything was possible, everything was allowed // everything was ours // and people continue to talk // tell their tall tales, theories.. // what actually have been done there? // if you omit // if you refuse these necessary details // if you deny everything // well, their blame doesn’t mean anything, does it? // there was no blood on our hands // there were no bruises // there were no bodies left in the dust // even our shadows disappeared 

 (poetry by lydia lunch)

eternally condemned

Why have you chosen the wall this time. The wall to tread on, to leave your footprints on of an eternally condemned by no one knows who. Vertical path made of men, made by the men who don´t concern you. Perhaps dying in the sea is not enough. In the end the sea doesn´t commemorate names.

(poetry by Mercedes Ramos)

non presence

As if nothing was happening in time, nothing with a continuum, as if nothing had its own story.. everything is so slow, I’m so slow that maybe it’s all just unwinding at the very beginning.. only a dreamy outline of days what is really going on I do not see immersed in myself I perceive only images as imprints of a possible future I differ only from myself..

transits (video)

‘Panelaky’ is a colloquial term used by many in former Eastern Block countries to describe communist era apartment blocks, that can be found in almost every town and city of the former Soviet Union. These buildings were literally constructed with concrete panels. Spisska Nova Ves, Slovakia is no exception. These structures line the sprawl of the town marking the boundary between urban and rural. On the edges of town they loom and shadow over neighbouring farm fields... a continual reminder of a bygone era.

'Transits' is shot entirely on paper negatives with a hand built pinhole camera. The negatives were wet contact printed to create positive prints that were then scanned for video assembly. Texture in the images is entirely from the analogue printing process. The staggered and weathered look is reminiscent of early cinema, perhaps a film by the Lumiere Brothers; a recollection of another time – much like the sight of the ‘panelaky’.